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What our customers think of our brand

When I completely redesigned my fall / winter wardrobe in October 2010, I was able to benefit from the enlightened advice of Manika Gaudet.
In just one fruitful shopping session of a few hours with her, I witnessed the sure taste and professionalism of a very talented designer for whom fashion trends are no secret.

Her insight, thoughtful understanding of my needs as well as her outgoing personality and infectious enthusiasm make her a first-rate advisor who is immediately trusted.
Because of all the qualities and dispositions that Manika demonstrates, not only will I be happy to call on her expertise again, but I can only highly recommend her to anyone looking for such - and also valuable - service. personalized. '

Michel Phaneuf

It is a great privilege to have a longtime friend (over 25 years of friendship) open-minded as well as other cultures and values. The magnificent Manika is respectful of all genders, classes and races; but above all, she is an enormously talented artistically who arouses the admiration of her peers in the fashion world. P.s .: I am more than honored to be dressed in a jacket and a mask signed Manik fashion.

Michel Mpambara

On this 1st day of mandatory mask wear, I would like to highlight the exceptional work of two local women entrepreneurs who remind us that we can have style even in times of Covid and especially that we can and that we have to buy local!
Two women who have come together in these times of crisis to collaborate on this magnificent jacket created by Nemrac Style and hand painted by Manika Gaudet of Manik Fashion. The mask matching the beautiful hand painted blazer has a superb gold chain in very practical Chanel style which allows you to remove the mask and keep it around your neck! I invite you to visit their websites to discover them!
Caroline Codsi, ICD.D, ICD.D
#FeminineSolidarity #WomenEntrepreneurs

Caroline Codsi, IAS.A., ICD.D

Maman, on passe à la télé !

Short dress - Vaina by Manik Fashion
Short dress - Vaina by Manik Fashion
Short dress - Vaina by Manik Fashion
Short dress - Vaina by Manik Fashion
Short dress - Vaina by Manik Fashion
Short dress - Vaina by Manik Fashion
Regular price $139.99

Hand Painted Rayon / Spandex Knee Length Layered Dress

What our customers think of our brand:

Sublime and ultra comfortable clothes!

Véronique Grauby

Manika is the most talented fashion designer-painter I know! Her colorful and elegant collections are synonymous with her most playful personality. In addition, she advocates various body sizes through a panoply of cultural beauties. As a self-confidence coach, his creations add a refined touch to my style in addition to allowing me to stand out with originality! I invite you now to discover what she creates and above all to dare to wear it with pride! All my congratulations my beautiful Manika. 

Cioccolata Dolce

I just received my order, 2 beautiful dresses, wow !!! Thanks Manik! I am 5 pieces and I love their fluidity, their color, their way of flattering the silhouette! 

Renée Parent