About us

MANIK FASHION is a name synonymous with uniquely hand-painted garments that are unmistakeable works of art. Crafted to highlight and enhance the innate and personal beauty that shines within every one, they are a refreshing change from today’s mass market collections which suppress individuality by imposing their own style dictates. At MANIK FASHION, we know that the right clothing can help us strengthen our sense of self and maybe even transform our lives. The magnetic confidence and charisma emanating from people whose style and dress are in perfect sync with their personality is refreshing and empowering. Each season, we create new, ready-to-wear collections. Every piece can be purchased as is or personalized through a hand-painted design of the customer's choosing. This corresponds to our mission of ONENESS. Whether body-hugging or free flowing, our designs always flatter the silhouette with their details while offering unparalleled comfort in a spirit of bodily and cultural DIVERSITY. Each item is created in Canada in a humane environment that matches our ETHICAL fashion values. The paints used by MANIK FASHION are acrylic, textile-based, washable and durable. MANIK FASHION also offers a hand-painted design service to revamp existing clothes, giving them a second life and reducing excessive consumption. This corresponds to our SUSTAINABLE fashion mission. Wearing your heart on your sleeves has never been more beautiful—or true!—than when you’re dressed in MANIK FASHION! Be Unique. Be MANIK!